Ryder Delaloye

Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Professional Development at Whitefish School District

Ryder Delaloye is the Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development at Whitefish School District (WSD). Prior to his role in WSD he completed his Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. During his time at the University of Montana, he worked to support sustainability education through a variety of public education programming initiatives. He has also served at the Civic Education Coordinator for the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Ryder has taught students ranging from 2nd grade through Graduate school. He works regularly to combine his extensive academic and instructional background in the social sciences with sustainability education to promote whole-school approaches to sustainability education programming. His local, state-level, and national advocacy enabled the Green Ribbon School program to be introduced and embedded into Montana. Ryder is currently working with the Montana USGBC chapter to facilitate an education series called Better Buildings, Better Learning for school districts around the state to help foster more sustainable practices within K-12 education.