Rosanne Albright

Environmental Programs Manager at City of Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Rosanne Albright was recently appointed as the Environmental Programs Manager for the City of Phoenix Office of Environmental Programs. Rosanne has been with the City of Phoenix for 17 years. She is responsible for management of the department, whose mission is environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and sustainability for the city. OEP is responsible for air quality, pollution prevention, remediation (soil, groundwater, asbestos, lead), 404 program, stormwater management, sustainable purchasing, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and local food systems. Prior to this role, she was Program Manager for Food Systems and the Brownfields Land Recycling Program. She has secured more than $2.5 million in grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency brownfields program. She is also leading the effort to achieve Phoenix’s 2050 Sustainability Goals in the areas of Clean Air, Carbon Neutrality, and Local Food System. Rosanne is a founding member of the Maricopa County Food Systems Coalition and serves on the Valley of the Sun Ending Hunger Leadership Council and Maricopa Association of Governments Technical Air Quality Review Committee. Rosanne is also responsible for the city’s STAR (Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating) Communities national sustainability certification and serves on the STAR Technical Advisory Group. Prior to working with the City of Phoenix, she worked with environmental consulting firms in Arizona and New Mexico and provided management and busines development services to clients nationwide.