Mariko Thorbecke

Sustainability Consultant at Quantis

Mariko Thorbecke is a Sustainability Consultant on the Quantis Boston team, where she helps clients implement life-cycle thinking and metrics into their designs, strategies, and communications. She recently lead the technical work comparing the life cycle impacts of a newly patented bamboo wall system to traditional stud framed walls and SIPs (structural insulated panels). In past work, she developed a thermal model to test the feasibility of heating and cooling a 1200 sqft. building envelope using an air source heat pump augmented with seasonal thermal energy storage (STES). This research was presented at the Eleventh International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability in Copenhagen, January 2015. Prior to that, she worked on a virtual control and monitoring system for a LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge-certified building on the Big Island of Hawaii. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, MA.