Zenia Tata

Executive Director at XPRIZE

Zenia Tata is searching for innovative solutions to global problems. Her work spans diverse issues ranging from water and food scarcity, economic enhancement, climate change, land rights, healthcare, education and child welfare. At the core - she believes that the innate entrepreneurial qualities of the poor, offer more sustainable market-based approaches to solve many of today’s challenges. Her unique contribution has been to infuse traditional development solutions with an entrepreneurial approach, where all stakeholders can draw tangible value from development programs and services. Her work with the Xprize includes exploring how the prize model cannot only be used to increase efforts to travel in space, but to focus attention and resources on solving many of the development and urbanization challenges we face around the world today. Zenia Tata oozes enthusiasm and shares stories from her experience working and teaching innovation and entrepreneurship with Harvard Business School, Stanford, MIT, Beyond Capital, Concern Worldwide, Nike, Soros’ and many more.