Ulrich Scharf

Director of IT & Anayltics at GRESB
Msc Economics, SME Management, Washington , District Of Columbia
United States

As Director of IT & Analytics for GRESB, Ulrich Scharf has been heavily focused on integrating different building level data collection systems to create an automatic stream of data to investors. With the vision to create an ecosystem in which building performance data is automatically aggregated and benchmarked for investment decision making, GRESB sees a heterogeneous landscape of existing data collection systems form connections to reporting/benchmarking platforms and thereby utilize the building performance data in new ways. GRESB's role is to translate this newly available environmental building data into relevant investment decision metrics as well as incentivize the development of data integrations. In this capacity, Ulrich Scharf oversee the development of these metrics as well as have a good overview of the building data collection field through our API connections to varies systems.